5 Lesser Known Skeins Picked at Random Each Month

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Lesser Known Skeins FAQ

Q1: Where's my link???
A1: Lunaticraft or GrimmWitch will add sites at the end of each month or just in the beginning of the next. We are both involved in education, do get homework, don't really take summers off, and have families. Please be patient with us. We can find your blog like right on Ravelry and will know that you are new; you don't have to worry about telling us. If we have not updated in a while, rather than being upset you should most likely be worried b/c something terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad may have happened.
Q2: How are the profiled members chosen?
A2: The number of total LKS at the time of the post is fed into Random.org and 5 random numbers are selected. I then find the member that corresponds to each number in Ravelry's LKS list.
Q3: How are the posts for the screen shots selected?
A3: I try to skim over many posts to find one that has a dynamic picture or an element of interest in the beginning of the post so that it shows up in the screenshot. I try to think about what the author would be proud of...but I don't want to spend my afternoon trying to contact you for your opinion, or deliberating. I'd rather be knitting:)
Q4: What kinds of blogs can be featured?
A4: Any blog that features something about fiber arts and is a lesser known blog. by Zel, the Grimm Witch of Jersey